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Dear South Sudan NGO Forum Message Board Users:

Many thanks for using the message board.  Please follow these guidelines when using our site.

You do not need to be a member to view announcements or job/tender advertisements.  Anyone can view those posts. 

Only NGO Forum members can post content to the message board. Each NGO Forum member has one registered account with which they can post announcements or advertisements.  If you are an employee of a member NGO and are experiencing problems logging in or posting, please email Josh at [email protected].

Posting Guidelines
All posts are moderated.  Please follow these guidelines when submitting a post.  If your post does not follow these guidelines it will be rejected.

 â€¢   Post your message as it is meant to be read.  Do not post a message here as if it is an email to an individual.  Rather, it will be read by all active members of the site.
 â€¢   Be sure to put a description in the message.  People will not open attachments without a description of what is inside.

 â€¢    Limit attachments to 4 per post.


 â€¢   Once it is submitted, the moderator will only approve or deny the post.  The more information you provide will make your post's approval more likely.
 â€¢   Be sure to include relevant information for your post:
     o        Name of the organization
     o        Contact details
     o        Ideal candidate (i.e. national or international)
     o        Job Title
     o        Duration of the contract
     o        Location of the Position

 â€¢   Send separate posts for separate jobs.  This will ensure the highest visibility for each and every post.
 â€¢   Be sure to double check your grammar, spelling, and clarity.  You will want to be sure that anyone reading the post understands  the message you are trying to convey.

 â€¢   Any inappropriate or offensive messages will be deleted and the poster will be immediately banned.

Please Remember!
  • NGOs are responsible for ensuring that all relevant government requirements regarding job advertisements are met (eg: endorsement of the job advert by Ministry of Labour, if applicable) before posting;
  • Although it is hoped the message board will enable NGO job adverts to reach a wide number of applicants, it should not be relied on as the only method for circulating job adverts. For example, NGOs may wish to consider posting adverts on physical noticeboards around Juba or other relevant towns, and/or placing newspaper or radio adverts.

If you have any questions or issues with the site, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].


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